From coupon apps to smartphones, how to save money on technology

From coupon apps to smartphones, how to save money on technology

Look around your house. How much do you think you’ve spent on tech gadgets and subscriptions over the years?

With a shiny new device popping up every day and another streaming service catching you, it’s hard to stop the cash flow. I can help. Tap or click to see all the best ways to scan without spending money on a scanner. We welcome you.

Lots of quality software is also free if you know where to look. Tap or click to get 9 free copies that work like a charm.

Before you take out your credit card again, read this list of mistakes that can cost you cash and easy solutions to spend less.

The problem: this new expensive phone tempts you

Technology companies advertise their innovations like no other. Listen to what Apple has to say and the iPhone 13 will change your life. The same goes for the latest from Samsung and the rest.

That’s what they don’t want you to know: changes to new current models aren’t as innovative. The cameras are a little better. There is a little more storage. Maybe the battery will last a few more hours. Great squeal.

Am I going to buy the new iPhone? I doubt it. The iPhone 12 does everything I need. If you have a phone that is only a generation or two old, you don’t need to buy anything new.

The solution: make your old phone shiny and new again

Today you can get several years from your device. However, if your phone is more than a few months old, you’ll start to hear it.

I’m not referring to the outside article, although I’ve put together a smart guide to cleaning up your technology. Tap or click here for the best way to make your screen glow without scratching it.

Take a few minutes to clean the contents of your phone as well. Cached files, memes and screenshots, obsolete contacts and other digital messes are easy to sweep if you’re willing to spend some time on them. Tap or click to see the steps to thoroughly clean your phone in the correct way.

Smart Trusted Tips: The Internet does not include an instruction manual. For digital tricks to get the most out of your technology, try the free Tech Tips newsletter.

The problem: You are looking for coupon codes for all levels

There are terms you should never search on Google. Tap or click here for a list of 7 to avoid. No, not because they are embarrassing, but because they can put you at real risk. One of these terms is “coupon codes.”

You can end up in a legitimate place and save a few bucks, but in all likelihood you won’t. At best, the codes don’t work and you’ve wasted a few minutes. The worst case scenario is that you click on a malicious link and put your digital self in real danger.

The solution: trust the sites that do it for you

Instead of manually testing code after code, download an app or browser extension that does all the work.

Honey works like a charm. Once installed, it will search for valid promotional codes on the web and apply them directly to the cart. Capital One Shopping shows parallel price comparisons from various retailers. Talk about saving time.

Google Alerts can also help you spot offers and sales. If you have a brand or site in mind, set up a Google alert.


• Visit and type the notification phrase. Use the brand name or brand name + discount / coupon / special offer as an alert.

• Click Show options to change frequency, source, language, and region settings. You can also choose how many results you want and where you want them to be sent.

• Click Create an alert to start receiving alerts about your topics of interest.

Don’t forget to sign up for any email newsletters from your favorite brands or sites. Follow them on social media. Discounts and special offers are usually sent this way.

The problem: You are trying to reach an agreement in the wrong way

When was the last time you bought something from a seller on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or another of the many local sales apps? This is ideal for patio furniture or wall art. Think twice before buying your next phone, TV, or computer this way.

It’s easy to set up a burner account and list items. Even someone who has a friendly profile picture and a local phone number could make a computer they know has problems. For all the time and money you spent looking for a bargain, you could end up with an expensive paper weight.

You have to buy carefully to make sure that what you buy is worth it.

The solution: follow the safe route with the used equipment

Amazon Renewed sells rebuilt and refurbished used items, including laptops, smartphones, smart watches, cameras, computers, monitors, power tools, and more. Amazon says all refurbished goods are “tested and certified to work and look new.” They may have some aesthetic imperfections, but most people who buy don’t care.

The products are guaranteed from 90 days to six months. If it stops working, you can return it or get a replacement. Make sure the product you purchased says is “Backed by Amazon’s 90-Day Renewed Warranty” in the description.

If you’re not an Amazon buyer or can’t find what you want, try eBay’s Certified Rehabilitation program. Items have a 1 or 2 year warranty and can be purchased depending on conditions, from Bonds (moderate wear) to Certificates (virgin, like new). Tap or click here for more information and a link to get started shopping.




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