The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies – Release

The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies – New Resource

For Immediate Release: Singapore

Doctor Kenny Li has released a new comprehensive examination of conventional medical treatments for common ailments and concluded that things are not what they should be. In hios book The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, he shows that a large number of common illnesses and diseases can just as effectively be treated by using herbal and other alternative solutions at a fraction of the price of pharmaceuticals.

In discussing his new book, Mr Li says “Not only does it contain the ‘vasodilating’ remedy to rheumatoid arthritis that Johnny used to ‘kick’ his opioid addiction when nothing else worked, but it also contains the remedy to headaches, nerve damage, tinnitus and a herb that ‘flushes out’ uric acid from your joints even reversing the damage that gout can do to your joints.” He continued “In The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies you’re given instructions on how to get this miracle gout remedy, over the counter for less than $10, and this ordinary herb can be taken in tea form- once your body ingests this cure, your body will begin to break down the toxic uric acid in your joints that’s causing those painful, swelling flare ups. It has even been recommended and verified by The Arthritis Foundation. Researchers from the Lodz University of Technology found that this tea is extremely high in polyphenols, which ALSO stops calcium deposits from forming in your joints”.

The book, which contains details on over 300 natural remedies, is out now and available to download from THIS SITE.

For more information contact Dr Li from his contact details on his website.

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